Visioning the future

As Donald Trump says “As long as you are going to think anyway—you might as well think BIG!”

So here’s my initial vision for the Urban Survival Project...

Imagine a facebook style but non-profit social-networking website for volunteers who want to help inner city kids, and which populates straight out of facebook. All an invidual would have to do is add an application to participate and get involved.

"An open-source online portal of condensed information and personal support for young people struggling to get through education or work; achieved by linking them together with a socially networked pool of young professionals over the web who can not only help provide the support and bring this information together, but also become an easy to access volunteer resource for social organisations in general."

Urban Survival Project Goals:

  • Harness the power of social networks to make a difference
  • Build a portal of helpful information for inner city youth
  • Make it easy for young professionals to help young non-professionals get where they want to go
  • Be self sustaining, transferable and scalable

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