As I mentioned in my post on Reflections on the i-Genius World Summit, after I finished my pitch to the investors panel, Cliff Prior, the CEO of UnLtd came up and offered me an assessment for one of their grants. I thought this was hugely generous and was touched by the offer of support. I'm now off to India on Tuesday for a couple of weeks while on 'gardening leave' and am hoping to be able to help out with the fledgling UnLtd India while I'm out there.

So anyway, here's a quick heads up on UnLtd. Basically they provide funding and support for social startups. There different levels of grants starting with the Level 1. Check out their Level 1 Eligibility Questionnaire if you're working on anything around social change.

UnLtd have also created UnLtdWorld which is a social network for social entrepreneurs. It is a place where you can "Connect with other socially minded people, search and share resources and opportunities, find and list services and products, find answers to key questions, create and join groups and lots more". It'll be interesting to see if it takes off, but check it out anyway.

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