MySpace still rules America

Facebook went past MySpace in the UK last September, and has now officially equalled MySpace globally in monthly unique visitors. MySpace still dominates in the US though - their unique visitor count still doubles that of Facebook - 76m vs. 32m. This means that Facebook has way more unique hits outside America and is dominating heavily, while MySpace is struggling with the global audience.

MySpace vs Facebook US visits

Here's 3 probably controversial reasons why I think MySpace is still dominating America

  1. MySpace networks are inclusive (open) while Facebook networks are exclusive (gated)
  2. Facebook blows MySpace away in instant gratification, but MySpace pays off in profile uniqueness
  3. MySpace accepts everyone... the Oldies too, while Facebook is elitist... for the hip generation only

What this means is that if you're based in the US or your primary audience is US based, stop worrying about Facebook so much and take MySpace seriously!

(Excerpt taken from full post "3 Controversial Reasons Why MySpace Dominates in America, but Facebook Rules Everywhere Else" published on my other blog

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