Luck and Lateness

My first post since I left for India a few weeks ago. Wasn't supposed to take this long but after all the ups and downs in Mumbai, blogging sort of fell by the wayside. Been meaning to get started again, but at a loss for where to begin. Feels weird to be sitting here facing the laptop after so long, and very much like starting from scratch.

So I guess that's where we might as well begin. From scratch. Here's a quick brief on what's been happening since I last posted. I presented my ideas to BANG's investors and impressed them enough to keep negotiations in play so we might just avoid closure. I then left for Mumbai on the 22nd of November for a much needed break, and a week of weddings and good times. Made one wedding on the 25th, loved the parsi food and the after party. Got late for the other held in the Taj on the 26th and it arguably saved my life - stopped in a bar next door just as the violence kicked off. Got trapped in the zone for a few days before getting out in one piece and racing to make up for lost time. Met someone I want to see again but logistically cant. Finally arrived back here days later than expected with jet lag that I'm not sure has quite lifted.

Returned to find 20% of my colleagues made redundant and my project scaled down to almost nothing. Received a letter telling me I've got to move out by the 9th of Jan so another flat hunt begins. Was officially made a Fellow of the RSA but was less than impressed with their much vaunted premises. Accepted an invite by Global Retailing International to write for their magazine for the next year. Now juggling two jobs as I work to keep mine and also get operationally involved with BANG-Ed during evenings and weekends to try and ensure that we realise the revenue streams that will help the organisation survive to continue the great work it does with socially excluded young people.

(pic 1 - waiting for news in Busa)

(pic 2 - fireballs from explosions in the Oberoi)

(pic 3 - right dome of the Taj burning)

So here I am... missing sunshine and sev puri, feeling mildly jaded by another close brush with people who really shouldnt be allowed anywhere near weapons or political ideology, and struggling to find the motivation to tick off my arms length to-do list in the face of another cold and grey winters day.

But hey, just a small blip thats given me something to write about :) I could've been unlucky, and it all could've been worse than a little wobble in party times on the onward march towards getting older! So step by step eh? One more thing crossed off...

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