Elevator pitch for iVolntr

Still a bit of a struggle to get the Elevator Pitch right for USP, but I've had a go based on the guidelines from my previous post.

""The core idea is to create a collaborative virtual-volunteering website that is accessed through social networks like Facebook. The primary goal is to bolster the support system for social organisations. It essentially aims to solve the problems of commitment, localisation and physicality that act as barriers to volunteering.

There is no direct competition and there is a large market of people who want to do something socially beneficial but need it to be easier to do.

The business model is well proven around ad-serving, as this will function as a meta social network that ties in users from popular existing networks, with virtual-editing functionality that will make the site sticky for both new and existing users."

Yes, needs work I know but it's a start and it's under 150 words :) Comments and questions welcome!!

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