Update on progress for USP

Yes I know. Fallen off the face of the earth a little. Mostly been so busy with other things and hanging around waiting for various things to come through to let me get properly started on USP that I've been putting off this update post for a while. But anyway here's a heads-up on what I've been up to while I've been away.

After coming back from the i-Genius summit, I moved on from Conchango and decided to take a break in Mumbai for a few weeks while I figured out what to do next. I'm now working as a management consultant for a consultancy called Charteris in Barbican. My main focus area is multi-channel engagement and customer centricity, which is relevant because it has plenty of cross-over learning in both directions with USP.

In terms of where we're at with the project itself, I've got a funding meeting next week. A meeting with a tech friend of mine from Google in June. Met an ex-colleague who's into Facebook apps so planning to attend a Facebook Developer Garage with him some point soon. Looking into tapping into Universities for student developers too. Been scribbling through some user interaction stuff around how it could work too... Greg, Martin watch this space - will be in touch soon. Am also working on sorting the brand out - so Elissa if you're reading this I haven't forgotten!!

In parallel been building links with other social enterprises and organisations. Planning to get more involved with i-Genius' development. Did some work with UnLtd India while I was out there, and will probably start doing some work with UnLtd here. Recently joined BANG Edutainment as a trustee (they work with social radio and inner city kids) - Dave I'll be filling you in on this soon. Finally also been involved with The Disruptors and disruptive social innovation, so watch out for the blog soon.

So as you can see... lots been happening!

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