3 Social Enterprises to watch out for

Funnily enough in most conversations at events like last night's Ogunte Women's Leadership Awards, I notice there's stuff I know that could help the people I'm talking to. Conversely I notice that there's stuff I don't know that I suspect they could help me with, but I'm never quite sure how to approach that trade-off. Mostly I just end up offering to help unconditionally. Maybe I'll be lucky and learn something along the way!

Here are my three favourite enterprises from the event in no particular order - both in terms of person and idea, and consequently the ones I'd most like to help if they have use for me and if I can find the time.

Impetus Trust

The Impetus Trust is about 'Venture Philanthropy' and combines funding and expertise to improve the impact that charities are able to make.

BANG Edutainment

BANG is a social enterprise that specialises in training and youth development within the context of music and media, and community radio.


MyBnk is a social enterprise whose aim is to develop young people's financial and enterprise skills by giving them a hands-on experience of organising, running and using a real bank with real money. In terms of innovation, I'd say this is one is furthest out there.

Thoroughly recommend checking them all out. On a final note, just a quick plug for Smarta and Newspepper who covered the event from a news perspective.

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