Back from a blogging hiatus

First off I must apologise for disappearing over the past week or so. What with starting a new role being spread very thin across a bunch of responsibilities, and watching my cousin lose a struggle with meningitis, I've been very distracted. Keep meaning to write something but external events have got in the way.

All under control now, so I'm back and here we go again :) Only a week and a half to go before Thailand. I've still got to figure out whether I need shots. My passport needs updating and I haven't yet planned what I'm doing in the two weeks around the summit. Brilliant organisation eh?? Help!

Anyway to all of you, I hope all's well wherever you are and life is treating you gently.

To my cousin Arif, thanks for being there when I needed you. It was an honour knowing you and you won't ever be forgotten. Rest in peace.

Arif Tayabali 1946 - 2008

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