Back in the saddle...

I'm finally back from Granada. Had an awesome time, mostly thanks to Elisa who kept me company, involved her mates and opened up a little bit of real life in southern Spain.
Cheers Eli!!

My favourite bit about Granada is the fact that you get a free tapas with every beer, even if you just order caña which is about the smallest glass of beer I've ever seen. How can you beat that for the good life? Beer and free food!!

If you're into photos, I've put some pics of
Granada, The Alhambra and El Albayzin online.

Obviously going off on holiday just a few days after kicking something like this off, isn't usually the best idea for keeping momentum going, but hey life goes on, and I'm back relaxed and ready to go again. Next steps are to get back in touch with everyone who's contacted me about the project and to actually kick the research phase off, probably starting with an analysis of what's already available in this space.

Meantime hope you aren't too stressed out by xmas shopping, and are winding up for a great xmas wherever you are :)

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