Facebook group up and running - Thanks for all the support!

I should have put up a note about this a couple of days ago when I actually set it up, but I've been doing so many things in parallel and everything is suddenly moving so fast that the whole business of setting up a Facebook group missed a mention!

Since this is essentially a social experiment to see if we can do this collectively, I figure we've got to be brave and see whether or not the Urban Survival Project concept has potential to be viral.

So step 1 is a group within the network we're targeting. I thought it might be a good way of beginning to build the foundations of the future volunteer network. In parallel maybe it could also form the foundations of a future marketing program, and an interesting insight into how our social networks function.

So hey, we've now got an
Urban Survival Project Facebook Group! I've also set up a 'cause' which is a bit more open to anyone and means that if we get enough members we could start making a difference by raising funds for youth charities long before our site goes live.

Anyway, its only been a day and there's 60 members already! I have no idea whether that's good or bad against the norm but given that I wasn't really expecting anything at all, frankly I think its awesome!!

So thanks a lot to all of you who've joined the group, subscribed to this blog or responded by email. It's really encouraging :)

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