Beating the xmas blues

Have to admit my ambitious plans to do lots more on the Urban Survival Project over the hols haven't materialised into anything worth shouting about. Been finding it tough to motivate myself if I'm really honest. It's cold and dark and quiet after xmas, and after the initial excitement, sometimes taking on things like this feels like standing alone at the base of some huge mountain with most of the way forward obscured in forbidding mist. But I guess its just a case of taking it step by step until walking becomes running and something takes off.

Of course on top of the general end of year blues and lethargy resulting from eating and drinking too much, for some reason I've always found it virtually impossible to do any work in the ol' family home. Probably explains why I was useless in school! But I have been thinking about things if that's any consolation for those of you who've been waiting for an update :)

...and the Facebook group now has over a 100 members. Wow! Thats about 90 more than I was ever expecting. Hey I always figured I'd be able to twist the arms of at least 10 friends and fam and drag them screaming and shouting into the group, but this is very encouraging; specially since I haven't yet done a huge amount on the motivation front.

But that'll change. Will try and arrange a brainstorm session for all those who've expressed an interest in getting involved, and a general beery catchup evening for everyone in the group to get ideas flowing. Watch this space :D

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