Evolving the idea a little further

Given that the sort of interactive web 2.0 volunteer network has value beyond just the scope of helping young people, I guess we should consider that the Urban Survival Project might need to evolve into two sister social networking sites that use the same platform. One dedicated to young inner city kids and the other dedicated to building and maintaining a general global volunteer network. So here's Part 2 of what I documented and another vision we should look at...

1) The core Urban Survival Project starting creating the basic platform and network, initially local to the UK but scalable to other regions, and dedicated to helping inner city youth get through education, jobs, small business and life, with dedicated professional volunteer members interacting within a web 2.0 site

Fig 1.

Can Help = Young Professional Volunteers
Need Help = Young people & Social Organisations and Charities

2) The other a non cause-specific volunteer social networking website dedicated to creating and building a general global volunteer network/pool for social organizations to tap into. The premise and platform is likely to be the same, but the latter site may have a different name like "icanhelp.org" (or something a bit more memorable that we need to think about!). The plan would be to adapt the capability of the Urban Survival Project which allows young people to look for help or support, into allowing anyone from the general public to look for help and support across a range of generic categories.

Fig 2.

Can Help = Extended to Any Volunteers
Need Help = Extended to Social Organisations and Charities & Possibly general public

So this leaves us with a bunch of options to consider. We could choose to focus on The Urban Survival Project alone for simplicity; or start with the Urban Survival Project looking to split it into two somewhere down the line once the platform is live and has critical mass; or start as two separate projects from the start; or even simply focus on the volunteer site alone if the information portal and youth interaction proves to be unviable or unfeasible to build for any reason.

Lots to think about :)

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