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The Urban Survival Project is a work in progress. I’ve worked out the basics of what it could achieve, but I don’t yet know exactly how. This isn’t really a concern given that it’s only been a few weeks since I first thought about doing this, and we’re still very early on in the journey from thinking of an idea to making it a reality. There's a long way to go in terms of planning and understanding user needs and interaction, linking up with social organisations, figuring out the design and technology, and of course the basic business and legal implications of setting up a social enterprise.

As I keep stressing, there’s a lot I don’t know, so I need all the information I can get. But it doesn’t seem very fair for me to expect my friends and network to get involved and share their thoughts and knowledge with me if I’m not prepared to share mine with them. So this blog is essentially a reciprocation of sorts. An open ideas forum.

The goal of this blog is to give something back to you for visiting; to allow you to share your thoughts; and to help us find support to develop and evolve the ideas we have. Think of it as the human equivalent of social computing. One brain alone hasn't got a hope of achieving something on this scale, but pooled together, we should be able to do this easy!

This blog and its related Facebook group (secure) and Facebook cause (open) are also the first steps in bringing together a network of socially minded people and possible future volunteers that might form membership and audience well before the project goes live, and better still work together to make a difference well before that.

Please comment, be critical and ask questions about anything you read. Over the next couple of months all I'm aiming to do is test the validity of the ideas we have, and flesh out the scope and plans required to get the project off the ground.

Right now all that’s needed is brain power and information, so please pass this blog on to your friends and anyone you know that might be able to add something useful, and if you want to get involved then drop me an email at info@urbansurvivalproject.org and join the team or become an author. If you feel like it, leave me a message on my makeshift guestbook!

Finally, even just making the effort to come here and read this is a much appreciated step in the direction, so thanks a mill for visiting and hope to see you again :)

ps. – If you’re not quite sure what a blog is, it’s basically a news platform that updates you remotely via RSS so you can keep up with what’s happening without actually having to visit the website. Google has a great free RSS reader you can use from anywhere on the net -

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If you want to subscribe to updates, the easiest way is to simply click the RSS icon in your browser and it will add to your feeds list, or subscribe using your feed reader via this link

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