10 Social Networking Trends for 2008

I guess the bandwagon wouldn't be a bandwagon if we didn't all jump on it, but there really is some merit in keeping an eye on the future when you're looking to start something. So here's an adaptation from my post Multi-Channel Trendspotting focusing on what I think are some of the exciting new developments that might affect us.

  1. Localisation of social networks - My city, my neighbourhood type social networks. Will be a key consideration for any volunteer network

  2. More privacy in social networks - The privacy issue really kicked off this with Facebook's advertising shenanigans

  3. Opensource social networking - OpenSocial, OpenID, OpenAds, FOAF

  4. More virtual reality online - We already have Second Life, There.com, Kaneva, Gaia, Habbo Hotel etc

  5. More video and multimedia online – Videoblogging and Videocasting via mobile phones could be the next big thing

  6. Free Wifi services on plains, trains and the high street could make internet use and social networking over mobiles a lot more common - Mobiluck, Migg33, Meetmoi, Loopt, SoonR, Aki-Aki are already some examples, with the standard twitter, tumblr, facebook status updaters already tapping into mobile mania

  7. Mobile Marketing - and consequently mobile spam!

  8. Crowd/Social decision making in social networks

  9. Revenue based social networking - Dada, MeYouWorld etc. .. yes we're talking the dreaded pyramid schemes for the web

  10. Social lending & Social Entrepreneurship

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