Reflecting on the journey so far...

It's exactly 2 months since I started this blog, and in between we've seen the Christmas break come and go, heralding resolutions and new fresh starts. I've been home, I've been on holiday, and I've even watched India win a test match against Australia - albeit not in person! All in all, a great start to a new year.

Judging from Feedburners slightly unpredictable stats, the blog has been visited over 2000 times by people from places all over the world, including America, Australia, India, Singapore, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, China, Spain, Italy, and France to name a few, and has nearly 30 regular subscribers which is awesome given the minimal exposure. The facebook group is hovering around 125 members and everyone I've spoken to has been hugely encouraging and supportive.

There are moments where I feel daunted by the size of what I'm trying to do, but it is quickly wiped away by the massive increase in quality of life stemming from the all the new things I'm learning and the inspiring and positive people I'm meeting - my existing friends included.

One of the most amazing things for me is the fact that I never knew how much was happening in the social entreprise space. Starting this project has been a bit like stepping through a looking glass into a world I never really knew existed. There are so many groups and sites and people all working to make something of themselves while changing the world in a positive way. The scale of what's out there suggests this is not some fleeting movement, but a way of life that has clearly reached the critical mass it needs to become a fully fledged lifestyle choice.

Is 2008 the Year of the Social Entrepreneur? I reckon it is, so watch this blog over the next few weeks for a lot more info on how you can be a part of it too. Hey, you know you heard it here first!!

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