Remembering people

Much has happened over the past week or so that may change the way we go about setting this up. Not least that there are a couple of other efforts to do something similar. This in itself is no big issue, because it is the end goal that's important and not the route or associated kudos.

I'll be talking some more with the people from i-genius who may be looking to partner up around their volunteering needs. I've also been in touch with the Red Foundation who apparently have received government funding to look at ways of utilising social networks to improve volunteering services. Maybe we can partner with them. Finally, there seems to have been an attempt to create an ivolunteer site already somewhere in Canada, but considering that their holding page still refers to September 2007, one might assume that something hasn't quite gone to plan. Still, I've been in touch in case we can help. Finally, who knows what changes to the plan Phuket will bring.

Anyway, point being that social enterprise is about people not enterprise, and what's important is achieving our vision of positive change, regardless of how we get there. In the focus on capital and concept and design and delivery and sustainability, sometimes it's easy to forget that.

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