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As I've mentioned before, the best thing about this project is that I'm starting to meet and hear from people who've already achieved ways of making a difference. I mentioned the School of Social Enterprise already, and I've now just had a shout from Vicky Smith who's just joined our Facebook Group and who has just introduced me to the concept of Voluntourism. A great description for the sort of developing world volunteering excursions that give us an opportunity to make a difference while travelling the world.

Her company Different Travel runs 2-3 week volunteer holidays for individuals, including challenges abroad involving volunteering as well as a physical stuff like canoeing the Zambezi or trekking the Inca trail for fund raising charity trips. They also do other groups such as corporate employee engagement/training/teamwork.


Different Travel is "a volunteer holidays and travel (voluntourism) specialist offering the volunteer opportunity to work alongside local people on local community development projects, with the focus on the benefits to the host community, helping them towards sustainable self sufficiency."

I think it's a great effort and really pleased to find that our Volunteering Directory is worth the add request. If any of you are looking for a bit of travel volunteering this year, you now know where to go!

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