6 Tips For Ambitious Entrepreneurs

I recently came across an interesting article on Donald Trump's rules of corporate warfare, most of which were pretty relevant for entrepreneurs in general. I've used this quote before but I really agree with it. So in a nutshell then here's the philosophy ... THINK BIG!

Donald Trump - Who's the daddy?

Of course I personally don't think Trump's the daddy, but what matters is that he does... so here's a paraphrasing of 6 of his tips for entrepreneurs:

  1. Adopt a big attitude
  2. You are what you think are - think big
  3. Ditch your doubts - believe you can do it
  4. Speak your mind - don't worry what others think
  5. Hang out with other big thinkers
  6. Be prepared for big setbacks - failure is not defeat!

(source - Shortlist Magazine)

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