Shadow in the Stone

My previous post 'Remembering People' had a deeper point. Recent events remind me how fragile we are. In a life fraught with risk, I take a lot for granted. So this is a completely personal post to say it's great to have you along, and that I hope life is treating you gently wherever you are.

Here's a brilliant poem my sister wrote. It will be published but I wanted to be the first to share it....


Shadow in the Stone

Red tulips splash
across a pastel blue sky,
I see with my father's eyes
and hope the memory stays alive
to water me
in sorrow's time.

Walking, with my hand outstretched
to feel the stone, the marble set
of furniture
that has travelled seas,
to touch my palm,
to be with me.

I saw my shadow nights ago
peep out at me so suddenly,
I jumped, then laughed
"It's only me!"
My darker side,
but only me.

~~~~~~© Shaista Tayabali


Arif, I hope you get better soon.

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