Facing reality - 6th not happening :(

As you can imagine, this is a journey into a fairly serious unknown for me. Lots of walls I have no idea how to scale and ideas that keep expanding but with detail that's hard to pin down. But underneath it all, here's what it comes down to: If other people can do it, so can I! And frankly if other people couldn't do it, I'd try anyway because it's important enough.

The biggest challenge I've found is communicating the fact that this is still a journey following the progress of an idea; especially when talking to people who need the ideas to be clearly defined before they can engage. I don't have answers to much right now, but figuring out answers is what I do for a living and I'm really not that bad at it, so I'm tempted to say hey have a bit of faith - but that would of course be rude! The reality is that I can't spend every living minute, day and night working this out, so along with a day job and other pressures it is going to take it's time.

Knowing this, and after an enlightening conversation with Ray, I have to agree that setting up any sort of networking event before I have more detail worked out could just be wasting your time. Frankly, it's going to take me longer than early Feb to be in position to really outline what we could build if we wanted to make this volunteering network a reality.

So, while I get a little more prepared to say something useful, I guess this is a rain check on setting up that group meet I floated in my last post. Sorry all :(

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