Library escapades

Unfortunately yesterday's plans to hit the research centre at the British Library didn't quite work out. Turn out you need a Reader's Pass to get past the door, and for that you need a bank statement and some kind of signature ID. A driving licence however is perfectly ok, even if it is 13 years old, utterly battered, and the address is completely out of date!

So I got in but Howard didn't. Never mind, their coffee room has great atmosphere even if the wine is extortionate, and we still had a pretty productive evening. Howard used to work with startups so has a wealth of useful knowledge, and very sensibly spent most of the time getting me to focus on what's important here.

As usual I'm busy thinking of everything under the sun. Possibility after possibility, but of course the important thing is to get the landscape analysis done, figure out the needs of our audience and then work out the gaps we need to fill. So it's back to the grind. Volunteer sites here I come again. You can't imagine how tedious it is to research websites properly. You can't really appreciate what they offer unless you sign up and use their services, and most of them have no consideration for user experience. "Work hard you b*stard!" is clearly the user interaction philosophy most of them use.

Anyway thanks Howard. Help much appreciated!

Also came across quite an interesting site that is worth a mention. School of Everything. Something to look at when thinking about the sort of interactions we'll need if we want our project to work. Gotta thank Dave for the recommendation - cheers mate.

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